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> Venom Speakerkabel (met spade of banaan)


Despite their affordable price, VENOM Series Speaker cables bare all of the material and design hallmarks of extremely expensive cable products. Given the recent trend into the incalculable stratosphere of high-performance cable pricing, Shunyata’s VENOM Speaker Cables were designed to represent what can be accomplished with a commitment to real value. Shunyata Research’s 15 years worth of custom-part engineering and commitment to real-world cable pricing has evolved into products that represent the finest combination of affordability, material value and performance.

Shunyata Research uses only the finest certified OFE 101 copper conductors in an exclusive VTX (hollow-core) design. VENOM Speaker Cables are terminated with Shunyata’s own STIS interchangeable terminal system. The STIS system ensures the proper termination even you change the amplifier or speaker.

Completing the package is Shunyata Research's signature craftsmanship and quality construction. The VENOM Speaker Cables are very flexible and easy to route even in very tight spaces.

- OFE 101 certified Copper
- VTX Conductors (hollow-core)
- 100% coverage electro-static shielding
- STIS -- Interchangeable Speaker Cable Terminals
- Stunning Aesthetic
- Very Flexible Cables
- Incredible Value

All music and sound systems, recording environments and studio systems.

- True Balanced Geometry
- 10 Gauge (= 5,26 mm˛) OFE 101 conductors
- VTX (hollow tube conductors)
- Aluminized Mylar electro-static shield
- Polyethylene Dielectric
- TPV Jacket

- Gold plated STIS terminal options
-- 6mm spade
-- 8mm spade
-- banana

Capacitance: 54 pf/M
Impedance: .27 Ω/M

Voor de beschikbare lengtes van deze kabel raadpleeg de prijslijst.



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