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> Venom NR V10 Noise Reduction Power Cord


Shunyata research has repeatedly earned its reputation for designing products with exceedingly high value and performance. The Venom NR-V12, NR-V10 and Venom EF-V10 power cords are the most profound embodiment of this ethos to date, delivering dramatic, measurably superior performance.

Although affordably priced, the Venom NR & EF Series power cords contain many of Shunyata Research’s most advanced technologies and finest custom-manufactured parts. As a result, the Venom NR-V12, NR-V10 & EF-V10 offer objective performance benefits that simply do not exist outside of Shunyata’s own product range.

The Venom NR Series are our lowest price power cables that have built-in filters that deliver measurably lower power line noise. They also feature electrostatic shields to reduce radiated noise.

The letters “NR” stand for “Noise Reduction”. Shunyata Research manufactuers Noise Reduction power cords that contain filter circuits that measurably and dramatically reduce noise at the specific frequencies common to the power-line and electronic power-supplies. NR power cords measurably eliminate noise in two directions and deliver startling results when connected to electronics tasked with resolving low-level signals or improved visual images.

Shunyata Research’s NR power cords are used within the scientific community, medical imaging and heart-surgery labs and within many world renowned recording studios. NR power cords are also used by thousands of home entertainment enthusiasts from around the world. The unique noise reduction technology used within NR power cords is non-reactive and non-current limiting, making the NR power cords suitable for virtually any application where measurably reduced noise and improved resolution of signals and visuals are the goal.

The Venom NR Series power cords are unique in that they measurably and dramatically reduce AC line and component generated noise. Their OFE copper conductors, 100% coverage shielding, top quality AC connectors and fluorocarbon dielectrics are unheard of at their price points. Shunyata’s proprietary Kinetic Phase Inversion Process (KPIP™) significantly reduces burn-in time and improves sonic performance. Adding cryogenically treated metal contacts completes feature laden products intended to rewrite performance expectations in their category.

The Venom NR Series power cord’s measurable noise reduction and exclusive design sets them apart from all other products in and well beyond their price category.

The Venom NR-V12 is ideal for source components including video and digital processors, while the Venom NR-V10’s larger gauge conductors are perfectly suited to high-current power amplifiers and power distributors.

The Venom EF-V10 was designed for equipment that has shrouds or other obstructions to the power entry. It features Shunyata Research’s compact EF-C15 CopperCONN® connector. This connector has pure copper contacts for exceptional performance. The EF-V10 does not include noise reducing filtration.

Shunyata Research uses only the highest purity of copper available for the production of its wire products. ‌‌OFE Alloy 101 or ‌‌C10100 is the highest grade of copper with a minimum 99.99% purity and a conductivity rating of 101% IACS. OFE stands for oxygen-free electrolytic and supersedes the term OFHC (oxygen-free high conductivity). ‌‌C10100 is the only grade of copper that comes with a written certification of purity. Certified by ASTM F68 ‌‌C10100.

Shunyata Research's exclusive ‌VTX™ conductors are made in the shape of virtual tubes. The core of the conductor is completely hollow minimizing skin effects and random eddy currents. They are produced using OFE Alloy-101.

‌‌CCI™ filters have the unique ability to reduce component-generated power line noise without inhibiting DTCD® (dynamic transient current delivery). This unique filter element prevents power line noise from one component contaminating the other adjacent electronic components. Shunyata Research’s ‌‌CCI™ filter modules consist of proprietary multi-stage filters that reduce power supply-generated noise without the use of heavy transformers, coils or large capacitors.

‌‌KPIP™ (‌‌Kinetic Phase Inversion Process) was developed by Caelin Gabriel after years of research into the underlying causes of various effects such as burn-in, wire directionality and the effects of cryogentic treatment. He discovered that there was an underlying core principle that burn-in and cryogenics only “partially” addressed. Once the governing principle was understood it became possible to create a processing technique and machine that could virtually eliminate the need for burn-in and cryogenic treatment.

– 10 AWG OFE Conductors (5.2612 mm2)
– Fluorocarbon Dielectric
– 600 VAC Rating
– RFI/EMI Shielded
– NR > 12 dB @ 1MHz

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