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> Omega QR en XC Power Cord inclusief DF-SS Cable Elevators


The Omega QR power cord combines twenty years’ worth of evolved science, patented technologies and custom-engineered parts to deliver performance results that are both measurably significant and subjectively stunning. More component than power cord, Omega QR contains technologies that will redefine the performance capability of any high-resolution sound recording or film-based system. Performance results gained by the Omega QR explain why Shunyata Research power systems continue to be the most sought-after power line reference used within the world’s finest recording studios, medical imaging systems and scientific applications.

Features and Design Highlights

Patented QR/BB™ Technology
Acts as a passive supercharger for high-current amplifiers and analog components – improves perceived timing, dimension and dynamics in sound.

Noise Reduction Circuit
Shunyata Research’s next-generation noise filtering for dramatic, measurable noise reduction. Omega QR performs as a single component power conditioner.
Omega QR contains both differential and common mode noise reduction. The drop in perceived noise levels will startle any experienced listener or viewer.

NEW VTX-Ag Conductors
A center core of the highest grade silver with a coaxial surround of pure OFE copper deliver life-like dynamics while maintaining rich tonal body and nuance.

True Carbon Fiber Head Shells
For improved vibration management and lowered distortion. Shunyata Research’s exclusive CopperCONN® pure copper connectors form the perfect, low-resistance connection that unlocks the performance of any component, whether amplifier or source.


The Omega QR’s VTX-Ag conductors are the product of a twenty year design progression steeped in credible science and definitive measurement. VTX-Ag conductors use an outer tube geometry of the purest form of copper intended to bring out the purest tone and timbres of recorded instruments and voice. Omega QR’s VTX outer core of pure copper surrounds an inner core of the purest form of silver. This inner Ag core conductor demonstrably improves macro-dynamics along with an incredible three-dimensional weight and timing in the lower octaves. When combined, the VTX-Ag conductors represent the greatest advance in conductor science of designer Gabriel’s storied career.

Patented QR/BB™ Technology
Omega QR incorporates a refined and improved version of Shunyata Research’s patented QR/BB technology (US Patent #10,031,536). The QR/BB science was granted a patent because it possesses the ability to act as a Coloumb Charge, meaning it stores and discharges microsecond pulses of current in a way that improves a component’s access to instantaneous current. The sonic result is a life-like presentation of timing and dynamic contrasts in sound that cannot be replicated by any other means. In layman’s terms, it acts like a supercharger for amplifiers, pre-amps, DACs and CD players. This technology alone gives the Omega QR a technical and performance advantage that simply does not exist anywhere else.

Patented NIC™ (Noise Isolation Chamber) Technology
NIC Technology (Noise Isolation Chamber) US Patent #8,658,892 is a technology that reduces high frequency power line noise. NICs use a non-reactive ferroelectric substance that actually absorbs high frequency noise and dissipates this energy as heat within its molecular structure, without adding reactance or resistance to the AC signal. This technology was refined for use in the Omega QR power cord.

Differential and Common Mode Noise Reduction Circuits
The unique noise-reducing circuits designed into the Omega QR add a stunning background of absolute quiet to recordings, allowing the listener to hear into recording as never before. The degree of naturally reproduced detail gives the most three-dimensional account of any vocal or instrumental performance. Every nuance of meaningful content is revealed, bringing to life music’s most consequential moments as if the performers are in the room with the listener.

NR Technology
Shunyata Research’s exclusive NR (Noise Reduction) technology has been improved for the Omega QR. NR technology is a multi-stage filter network that filters power-line and component-generated noise to a degree that is both measurable and profound to the listening experience. Adding this technology to the differential and common mode noise reduction circuits establishes the Omega QR power cord as the power reference when it comes to an independently-filtered power source for any amplifier or source component.

Omega QR – DTCD® Design
Every facet of the Omega QR power cord has been refined to deliver measurably superior Dynamic Transient Current Delivery. Each part, conductor, noise circuit and and material inside the Omega QR allows for maximum throughput of instantaneous current. Listeners will experience earth shaking low-frequency performance from even the highest current amplifiers as well as dynamic contrast unheard of outside of a live event. More than any other design parameter, Shunyata Research’s skill in eliminating resistance and maximizing peak-current delivery is unmatched.

Putting It All Together
Omega QR was created as a design exploration into what could be achieved when combining Shunyata Research’s finest patented science, parts development and measurement technologies into one fabled power cord product. In keeping with its reputation for innovation of advanced power-system technologies, Omega QR represents Shunyata Research’s ultimate expression of definable technology, measurement and performance

Omega XC
The most critical power cord in all high-performance music, film and sound systems is the power cord that connects the power distributor to the wall. Shunyata Research spared no expense in designing its flagship Omega XC power cord to fulfil this singular, performance oriented function. Using Shunyata Research’s proprietary DTCD Analysis, Omega XC is designed to deliver the maximum peak-current energy that will unlock the true performance potential of entire systems. Using massive 04-gauge VTX-Ag (copper over silver) conductors and Shunyata Research’s own CopperConn™ connectors, Omega XC is the ultimate performance power cord in Shunyata Research’s XC arsenal of power cords, all exclusively developed for its award-winning lineup of power distributors.


- 6awg VTX-Ag (Omega QR)
- 4awg VTX-Ag (Omega XC)

- CopperCONN™ Pure Copper

Patented Technologies
- QR/BB™
- Patent Number: US 10,031,536
- NIC™ (Omega QR only)
- Patent Number: US 8,658,892

Noise Reduction
- 12dB Differential and Common Mode Noise Reduction (Omega QR only)

- Length: 2.0m (Omega QR), 1.75m (Omega XC)
- Weight: 3.2 lbs (Omega QR), 2.5 lbs (Omega XC)
- Diameter: 41mm

Also Included
- Each Omega QR comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
- Each standard 2 meter length Omega QR includes (1) DF-SS Cable Elevator 3-pack.

Additional 2m length receives (1) additional DF-SS 3-pack. For example:
- Additional 2m = (1) additional DF-SS 3-pack
- Additional 3m = (1) additional DF-SS 3-pack
- Additional 4m = (2) additional DF-SS 3-pack
- Additional 5m = (2) additional DF-SS 3-pack

Voor de beschikbare Omega types en lengtes van deze kabel raadpleeg de prijslijst.


inclusief DF-SS Cable Elevators

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